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It's not magic. It's technology.

Each of our underwear is made with our unique leak-resistant technology to let you #bleedinpeace


1. Feel Dry  Moisture-wicking cotton lining for softness & breathability

2. Feel Fresh  Anti-microbial lining to fight bacteria and odors

3. Feel Secure  Unique super-absorbent fabric

4. Feel Free  Leak-resistant outer layer to keep it all in

How to care for your Lilova

1. Rinse after use

In the sink or in the shower, in cool water, until the water runs clear. Do not soak.

2. Machine wash (now or later)

Separately or with the rest of your laundry, on cold cycle, without using fabric softener or harsh detergents.

3. Air dry

Hang up or lay flat. Do not put in the dryer. Store & reuse for years!

How to use your Lilova


Every body is different, so is every flow. Knowing your flow will help you better take advantage of your Lilova.

1. If you have a very heavy flow, you should wear your Lilova as a back-up to traditional products on your heaviest days. You can still wear your Lilova alone of your lightest days.

2. If you have a regular or light flow, you can wear your Lilova every day and night of your period, lucky you!

3. Other reasons to use Lilova: Occasional spotting, Postpartum bleeding, Regular discharge, Mild stress incontinence and Light bladder leaks, Everyday and heavy sweat.


Feel Good, Save Money & Help the Planet

Let's make the world a better place together. 

We are committed to empower women and teens around the world and improve their self-confidence. Lilova underwear allow women to feel good in their body while on their period, feel fresh throughout the day, and feel safe of leaks and odors.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Zero waste is our goal!

So what do you think about making your cycle eco-friendly?


By using our underwear instead of tampons and pads every month, you participate in a greener planet.

Plus, you can save money! 

Ready to #bleedinpeace ?

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