About us


At Lilova, we are on a mission to empower women and teens around the world to embrace their body and improve their self-confidence. We celebrate every women by designing period-proof underwear with a perfect fit. So that, while on their period, women feel good in their body, fresh throughout the day, and safe of leaks and odors.

Each of our underwear is made with our unique leak-resistant technology that hold up to 5 tampons' worth to let you #bleedinpeace



Our Story

On May 22nd 2018, our Founder & CEO gave birth to her first child. While this day will stay the most beautiful day of her life, the ones following were a physical challenge to overcome. After days of postpartum bleeding, while she had been using regular tampons and pads her whole life, she realized that better products - both for the body and for the planet - had to be made. After intensive researches and discussions with dozens of gynecologists, she focused on creating the best re-usable period-proof underwear on the market.

Lilova was founded with the idea to create a sustainable period product that is performant, reliable, comfortable, and discreet while staying elegant. Our underwear were designed by women for women to feel sexy, even while on their period.

Born and raised in France, our Founder & CEO also wanted to brought period lingerie inspired by French culture and trends.